eRA Information: NIST Has Launched New iEdison System, Following Transfer From NIH eRA

The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) has rolled out its new iEdison system, following the transfer from NIH eRA. Users will be greeted by a modern, feature-rich, user-friendly iEdison system.

Users clicking on will be automatically directed to the new NIST iEdison. All existing data and any attachments on individual invention and patent reports have been carried over, as have active iEdison accounts.

To get familiar with the new system, visit the NIST iEdison website to watch NIST videos (coming soon); attend training sessions; read the user manuals; and subscribe to NIST updates.

Effective today, for any help with the new iEdison, please contact the NIST iEdison Help Desk via one of two ways:

  • Submit a help desk ticket (click the third big blue box on the NIST iEdison website
  • If you are logged into the new iEdison, submit a ticket by clicking on the Settings Menu toggler located on the top right-hand corner of the screen (contact information is automatically populated on the ticket)

NIST will send an introductory email to active users of NIST iEdison. Users are advised to check their inbox and if they do not see the email, they should check spam.

All iEdison users will need a GSA account to access the iEdison system.  The account will need to use the same email address as the user’s iEdison account. If a user’s iEdison email address does not match the email address entered when they signed up for (essential for establishing the linkage between their old and new iEdison account), they are advised to contact their agency administrator or organization administrator for help. If users cannot log in to the new system, they should submit a ticket to the NIST iEdison Help Desk.


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