Listserv for updates on the NIH Electronic Submission program and eRA Commons

Scientists (Principal Investigators), Research Administrators (Signing Officials, Authorized Organizational Representatives), go to eRA-Information-L to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Examples of communications sent to this listserv, include:

  • Items of Interest newsletters providing practical advice for using eRA services, tips for avoiding common errors,  and links to resources
  • Announcements for new features
  • Notification of planned system downtimes
  • Notification of known system issues, status and potential workarounds



Listserv for NIH System-to-System Trading Partners

System-to-System Trading Partners, go to NIH_ESUB_SYS2SYS-L to subscribe or unsubscribe.

  • Audience: Technical personnel involved in system-to-system solution development and planning
  • Provides a two-way communication channel to exchange information related to the implementation of system-to-system solutions for grant application preparation and submission to NIH.

Examples of communications sent to this listserv, include:

  • Information related to eRA Web services
  • Technical details for pending form changes (DATs, schemas, style sheets, etc.)
  • System-enforced validation requirements
  • Specifications for how NIH assembles application images and associated style sheets
  • Non-production test opportunities



Listserv for ASSIST Development Participation

  • Audience: ASSIST users willing to share their individual perspectives on proposed ASSIST enhancements and options for addressing identified system issues can subscribe or unsubscribe at ASSIST-Development-L.
  • Provides a two-way communication channel for users and the ASSIST implementation team to discuss enhancement and bug fixes under development.

Provide insight into applicant/recipient business practices to aid development team in understanding potential impact of proposed changes

Share thoughts on various options to address identified ASSIST issues and the implications of each option

NOTE: This listserv is focused on pre-production, development activities. Information on current ASSIST features, resources, and issues will be shared using the eRA-Information-L listserv. 



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