eRA Information: NIH to Transfer iEdison System to NIST on August 9, 2022; Take Steps Now to Prepare for Transition and Associated System Downtime

The National Institutes of Standards & Technology (NIST) will launch a new iEdison system on Tuesday, August 9, following the transfer of the management of the system from NIH eRA.

To prepare for the transition from NIH to NIST, including the transfer of data and existing active accounts, the current iEdison system will be unavailable from Tuesday, August 2, 2022 through Monday, August 8, 2022

Upon launch on August 9, users will be greeted by a modern, feature-rich, user-friendly iEdison system (see the original message below for highlights). NIST has been working closely with the iEdison user community in designing the new system.


Figure 1: Main Dashboard screen of the new iEdison for users with the Technology Transfer Office administrator and Technology Transfer Office user roles

Users can be reassured that all existing data and any attachments associated with individual invention and patent reports will be carried over to the new iEdison system.

Steps to Take Now for a Successful Transition

  • Plan early for downtime: Users should plan on submitting early any invention data that is due during the shutdown. Existing reporting deadlines remain unchanged. See NIH Guide Notices NOT-OD-22-158 and NOT-OD-22-100.
  • Sign up for system updates: Subscribe to NIST for the latest updates on the redesigned iEdison, including updates on training opportunities described below.
  • Attend a training session: NIST will be hosting several online training sessions during the months of July and August to demonstrate how to navigate and use the new iEdison system.   Training sessions will be broken into two 2-hour sessions and are currently scheduled on the following dates: 
    • Part 1 Sessions:  July 18, July 26, August 1, August 15, and August 25
    • Part 2 Sessions:  July 19, July 28, August 2, August 16, and August 26

Additional information on these training opportunities will be posted on and sent to those who have subscribed to NIST updates.

  • Deactivate obsolete accounts: It is recommended that account administrators (with Extramural TTO Admin role for external users and Invention Disclosure Office role for agencies) review their organization’s account(s) and deactivate any accounts which are no longer needed so these accounts are not transferred to the new system. See steps to Deactivate User Accounts in iEdison.

Administrators should also let all active users know the email addresses that are associated with their current iEdison user account so they can use this associated email when they create their account. 

  • IMPORTANT: Create a Account: Access to the new iEdison system will require a account that uses the same email address you use for your existing iEdison account. If you do not already have a account that meets this criterion, be sure to create a account at (this ensures the linkage between a user’s existing and new iEdison account).


Importance of Compliance with Invention Reporting Requirements

Any invention resulting from federally funded research grants and contracts must be reported to the funding agency per the Bayh-Dole Act. We would like to remind funding recipients of this requirement for invention and patent reporting. Failure to comply may result in the loss of patent rights or the suspension, termination or withholding of NIH funding support.