eRA Reminder: iEdison System Going Offline on August 2; New NIST iEdison to Launch on August 9

Almost here! The National Institutes of Standards & Technology (NIST) is about two weeks away from launching the new iEdison system on Tuesday, August 9, following the transfer of the system from NIH eRA (see NIH guide notices NOT-OD-22-158 and NOT-OD-22-100).

To prepare for the transfer of data from the current iEdison system to the new NIST iEdison system, the existing NIH eRA iEdison system will be unavailable to users as of Tuesday, August 2.  All existing data and any attachments on individual invention and patent reports will be carried over, as will active iEdison accounts.

On Tuesday, August 9, users clicking on will be automatically directed to the new NIST iEdison. Effective that date, iEdison users will contact NIST support for any issues.


  • Last call to get your data in Users should plan on submitting early any invention data that is due during the shutdown. Note that agencies will also not be able to take any action in iEdison during the downtime, so get information to them ahead of August 2.
  • Attend NIST training — Get familiar with the new iEdison by attending one of NIST’s training sessions.
  • Deactivate obsolete accounts: Account administrators (with Extramural TTO Admin role for external users and Invention Disclosure Office role for agencies), if you have not done so already, please review your organization’s account(s) and deactivate any accounts that are no longer needed, so these accounts are not transferred to the new system. See steps to Deactivate User Accounts in iEdison.
  • Create a Account: Be sure to create a GSA account at that uses the same email address you use for your existing iEdison account (this ensures the linkage between a user’s existing and new iEdison account).
  • Sign up for system updates: Subscribe to NIST to keep on top of the latest updates on the new iEdison.

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