Overview of Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Modules

What is the purpose?  

The NIH Loan Repayment Program (LRP) application is now powered by ASSIST.  The ASSIST system is used to prepare and submit applications electronically to NIH and other Public Health Service agencies. The NIH LRP modules include the ASSIST LRP Application, online reference letter submission, and institutional certification.


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ASSIST Welcome Page


What are the features?

  • Secure web-based data entry
  • Pre-submission validation of many NIH LRP rules
  • Pre-population of data from eRA Commons profiles
  • Pre-submission print/preview of application in NIH format
  • Submission status tracking
  • Ability to track submission of supporting documents (e.g., reference letter)

What are the benefits to applicants?

  • Access to the application from anywhere there is internet access!
  • Leverages existing eRA Commons credentials

Who can use the LRP modules?

  • LRP Applicants who apply for an LRP award in ASSIST
  • Referees who submit reference letters in support of LRP applicants through the LRP Reference Letter Submission Portal
  • Mentors who submit reference letters in support of LRP applicants through the LRP Mentor Portal in addition to providing their NIH-formatted biosketch to LRP applicants
  • Institutional Business Officials (IBO) who certify key facts about LRP applicants in an official capacity on behalf of the LRP applicant’s research institution through the IBO Portal in eRA Commons (see IBO Portal topic in the LRP online help)