Archive of eRA Commons Release Notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Release notes are now being incorporated directly into the Commons online help and not being listed on this page.  For the latest Commons enhancements, please see: Commons Latest Updates

Year: 2016 |2015


  • Commons 3.24 Release Notes
    New Features: New Rule for Blocking IMS Access via Status; IDR Attributes Required When Creating New IDRs; New Edit Enrollment Screen for Planned and Cumulative Counts; Removed ‘Requires Updates’ Status; Warning for Inclusion Data Saved in IMS via RPPR before Due Date; Inclusion Validation Changes on Submission of RPPR; Updated Inclusion Messages on RPPR PDF; Updates to PI Versions of Status Screens; PI Status Groups Information by Grant Family; Screens and PDFs Modified to Meet OMB Clearance; Access to Training Grants When a Change of PI Occurs
    Fixes: Corrected JIT IRB Date Requirement; Date Range No Longer Required for SOs Searching in Status


  • Commons 3.22 Release Notes
    New Features: Rebranding of eRA Commons Help Desk; New Final Invention Statement Notification(s); Security Precautions added to DOB and SSN Fields; Confirmation Checkbox Added to the Extension Screen; xTRACT Available via eRA Commons
    Fixes: Corrected System Issue when Deleting Amendments and Reappointments in xTrain; Restored Email Notifications for Recalled TNs in xTrain; BO Selection No Longer Required for Foreign Fellowships in xTrain; Restored Missing Recall Function for Fellowship TN in xTrain; Corrected the Display of Status Change Date in Closeout; Added Extension Justification Link Back to Status Information; Delegating on Behalf of Another No Longer Removes Prior Delegations; Corrected Erroneous Multi-Year RPPR Reminders
  • Commons 3.21 Release Notes
    New Features: FFR Module Re-Designed; FCOI Opened to AHRQ Grants; New Re-Assign Grant Feature      
    Fixes: Corrected Submission Date on RPPR PDF; Corrected PI Delegate Access in xTrain after Change of PI; Corrected Authorization Issue in xTrain for Users with Both ASST and Trainee Roles

  • Commons 3.21 Release Notes
    New Features:FCOI Annual Report Not Required on Previous Grant Following the Issuance of a Type 6 or Type 7 Award; Initiation of New FCOI Report for Type 1 and 2 Grants is Allowed beginning on or after the Notice of Award Issue Date
  • Commons 3.21 Release Notes
    New Features: Added Ability for ASST to Use Federated Institution/Organization Login; Merged the Existing and Prospective Studies Sections of Manage IDRs; Explanation Message on Manage IDRs for Editing Action Links Restrictions; Amended Continuous Submission Eligibility Text in Personal Profile; Populate from Profile Button Enabled for PIs; New Look for Recent/Pending eSubmissions Search in Status; Stipend is Editable for Early Termination of K and R Awards; Fellowship TN Reminders Display in Grant Folder; Form 2271 and TN Editable for Grants in Terminated Status
    Fixes: Administrative Supplements Cannot be Submitted on Expired FOAs; Personal Profile Validations for Email Fields; Corrected RPPR PDF for Cumulative Enrollment Data Comments; Amended the Text for Question D2b on the RPPR PDF; Budget Required for Submission of Non-SNAP Complex Single Project RPPR; xTrain Reappoint Link Available for Trainees on a Type 3 Grant; xTrain No Longer Sending Reminders for Outstanding Terminations of T34 Grants
  • eRA Commons Release Notes (PDF - 19 KB) - 06/11/2015
    New Features: Added Ability for VA Grantees to Submit RPPRs
    Fix: Corrected RPPR PDF Display for Question F.2 for Multi-component Grants
  • xTrain Version Release Notes
    New Features: Termination Reminder Notifications are now Being Activated for Training Grants with T Activity Codes, CDC/NIOSH Grantees can now Submit a Zero Stipend for Training Terminations (TNs)
    Fixes: Termination Notifications are now being Sent Correctly per Grant Conditions and Time Frame
  • eRA Commons Release Notes (PDF - 243 KB) - 04/16/2015
    New Features:Modifications to Status–Closeout Search Screen and Results for Unilateral Closeout; Administrative Supplements Removed from Search Results; eMails Modified for Institutions with an Inactive FCOI Official; Available Commons Features the Same for Federated PI; Institution Profile Modified for Animal Welfare Assurance Number Management; JIT Feature Modified for Genome Data Sharing Certifications; Modified PO’s eNotification of Submitted JIT to Indicate Genome Data Sharing Certifications; Updated Business Rule for Accessing Inclusion Management System (IMS) via Status; PIs and PI Delegates Can Recall TNs Regardless of Last Reviewer; xTrain Communications Display Grant Extension; Rejection Notification Changes for AHRQ; Question G.10 Updated for AHRQ Users; XXX
    Fixes: Fixed Administrative Supplement PDF for Signing Official; Removed Links for Submitting FCOI Annual Reports for Closed Grants; Corrected Abilities Granted to FCOI Roles; FFRs in a Late Status are Included in Search Results; Fixed Utilization Reporting Period Field in Institution Profile for TTO_Admin Role; Corrected SO Access to the Extramural Technology Transfer Administration Section of Institution Profile; Re-worded Error Message for Better Guidance when Registering Institutions; Fixed Issue in RPPR Publications; Corrected Occurrence of Error When Viewing Publications in RPPR; Corrected RPPR Errors Associated with R28 Awards; RPPR Displaying Blank Screen While Navigating Publications; Corrected RPPR to Allow Working in Multiple Browser Sessions; Corrected Prior NRSA Support Box for Fellowships in xTrain  
  • eRA Commons Release Notes 3.18.02 (PDF - 261 KB) - 3/06/2015
    New Feature: New RPPR Error Message for Inclusion Enrollment Data
  • eRA Commons Release Notes - 179 KB) - 2/19/2015
    New Features: Certificate Validation for Creating/Modifying System Accounts is now Available
  • eRA Commons Release Notes (PDF - 390 KB) - 01/30/2015
    New Features: VA Grants Excluded from the List of Grants Eligible for Administrative Supplements; New Closeout Correspondence Email Field on IPF; Submit Progress Report Authority Extended to Final Progress Report; Comments Required when Responding Yes to FCOI Question 4; Comments Now Required on FFR Revisions; FFR Rejection Emails Posted to Status Information; Introduction of Last Budget Period Type Inclusion Data Records (IDRs); Justification Textbox Added for No-Cost Extension; New Security Measures in Place for Profile Updates; New Warning Message when Changing Personal Profile; Added Link to Privacy Act Notification Statement; Recall Feature Added for Routed PRAM; Additional Indirect Costs Budget Form Available for Overall Components; Special Instructions Added for Training Type RPPRs; TN Status Terminated Link Renamed for Proxy Terminations; Added Ability for BOs to Edit Stipend Amounts; Enabled Reminders for T Training Grants; Project Titles Configured to Allow Unicode Characters
    Fixes: Corrected Issue Allowing Multiple Submissions of Final Progress Report; Annual Report Link Removed from Original FCOI Report when Annual Report was Already Submitted for a Revision; Corrected Conditions for Displaying Revised in FCOI Search Action Column; Corrected Validations for Invalid Degree Completion Dates in the Personal Profile Education; Corrected Administrative Supplement Budget Period Calculation; Corrected the Default Response for RPPR Question G.4.a; Corrected PDF Display of RPPR Questions D.2.b through D.2.e; RPPR Question G11 No Longer Pre-populating for Multi-Year Projects; Corrected Issue in xTrain Preventing New Institution BOs from Accessing Termination Notices after Change of Institution; PIs Added to xTrain Email Notifications for Proxy Terminations of Fellowships; Eliminated xTrain Reminder Notifications on Fellowships with Future Year Funded; Current Grants Removed from xTrain Previous NRSA Support; Inclusion Management System: Edit Planned Inclusion Data Save Button Enabled After Correcting Errors; Inclusion Management System: Fixed an Issue Causing a Blank Screen to Display when Editing Actuals