eRA Commons Release Notes Archive


  • eRA Commons Release Notes (PDF - 275 KB) - 10/17/2014
    New Features: New Feature for Submitting Requested Additional Materials Related to the Final Progress Report; New Search Parameter on Closeout Search Screen for FRAM; Renamed the Link in Closeout Status for Viewing Submitted Final Progress Report; New Pilot Program for Federated Institutions/Organizations Login; End of Month Dates Recalculated for No-Cost Extensions; New Inclusion Management System Accessible via RPPR Section G.; RPPR Available for all AHRQ non-SNAP Awards; Commons IDs Required for Students Reported on RPPR; IC Requested PRAM Link Renamed; Modified the G.4.c NCT Table for Multi-Projects; Budget Forms Allow Searching for Organization by Secondary DUNS; eSNAP Only Checkbox Removed from Pending Progress Report Search Screen; Support Year Extension Added to 2271 and Termination Notice; New URL for Commons eRA Commons Help Desk
    Fixes: Corrected Special Character Limitation in Passwords; Corrected Text of Error Message on RPPR; Corrected the Remaining Character Count in RPPR Section B. Accomplishments; Corrected the Validation Error Message for RPPR Question C.4.; Corrected Error in Congressional District Field on RPPR; Added Missing HHS Logo to RPPR Section C. Products; Non-Compliant Warning Message Fixed in RPPR C. Products; Corrected Misspelling on RPPR PDF; Addressed Sorting Issue for RPPR C. Products; Corrected Issue Preventing Organization Name in RPPR Greater than 60 Characters; RPPR Link Now Displayed for ASST Delegated with Status and Progress Report Authority
  • eRA Commons Release Notes (PDF - 26 KB) - 08/14/2014
    New Features: Improved Process for Assignment of Biomedical Workforce Roles; New Email Notification When Annual FCOI is Due on Grant with NCE; Hurricane Sandy Grants Manageable in FFR Module; Updated Inclusion Enrollment Reporting Instructions; IC Central Mailbox Added to Notification List for Fellowship Termination Notice Reminders
  • eRA Commons Release Notes (PDF - 61 KB) - 07/18/2014
    New Features: Degree Required for Saving Residency Information; Re-designed Institution Profile Interface; Ability to Maintain Multiple DUNS Numbers in IPF; Added Ability to Download and Attach Planned and Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Forms; PA PRAM Feature Modifications; Multi-year Funded Award RPPRs Pre-populated with Information Previously Submitted; Multi-project Award RPPRs Display Components from Previously Submitted Report; Multi-project Award RPPRs Pre-populated with Information Previously Submitted; New Status for Publications Associated with a Grant on the RPPR; Changes to List of Recipients for Proxy Termination Notification; Changes to List of Recipients for Appointment Reminder Notifications

    Fixes: RPPR Budget Form Fixed for Months Worked; Increased the Limit for Allowable Months Worked on the RPPR Budget Form; Corrected the Warning Message Displayed when Deleting a Component in RPPR; Corrected Issue of Fellowship End Date Reminder Emails Sent to Incorrect Recipients; CorrectedIssue Affecting the Creation of New and Amended Appointments
  • eRA Commons Release Notes (PDF - 162 KB) - 04/25/2014
    New Features: New Commons FCOI Roles Replace FCOI Delegations; FFR Topics Added to Commons Online Help System; RPPR Opened for All Type 5 Non-SNAP Progress Reports; New Information Message for RPPR Network Issues; Provided Ability to Select Component when Adding Individuals in RPPR Section D-Participants for Multi-Project Awards; Provided Ability to Associate a Component when Adding an NCT; New Search for WIP Appointments and Terminations Screen Added to xTrain for BOs and SOs

    Fixes: Corrected an Issue when Unaffiliating Users from Institutions; Corrected Budget Periods for Administrative Supplements; FFR Corrected for Foreign Grants with SNAP Authority; DUNS Extension Field is now Optional for Online Institution Registration; Corrected Issue with Changing Citizenship Status Section of Personal Profile; Corrected RPPR Questions F.1 and G.2 for Multi-Year Training Grants; Corrected Attachment Feature on the RPPR for G.2 Responsible Conduct of Research; Corrected Issue When Modifying Termination Dates in xTrain; Corrected Routing Errors Encountered in xTrain When Initiating User Holds Both PI and Sponsor Roles; Corrected an xTrain Issue Preventing Delegates from Viewing Grants; xTrain Appointments Can No Longer Overlap with Awarded Fellowships
  • eRA Commons Release Notes - (PDF - 254 KB) 01/31/2014
    New Features: RPPR Required for Multi-Year Funded Awards Progress Reports; RPPR Available for AHRQ Fellowship Awards; Modified the Submission Certification Statement for RPPRs; RPPR Now Displays Publications for All PIs Associated with the Grant; New Indirect Cost Warning Message on Budget Form Validation; New Status Details Link Added to Advanced Accounts Search Results; My NCBI and NIHMS Links Added to Publication Component; Education Component of Personal Profile (Edit Mode) Now Includes Link to Degree Codebook; Reviewer Section Modified for Continuous Submission Eligibility; Ability to Create System Accounts with Certificate Authentication; Accounts Module Now Allows Searching, Modifying, Viewing System Accounts; Modifications Made to Accommodate Expanded Project Title Length; Administrative Supplements Screen Help Now Available
    Fixes: Corrected the Format of New Trainee Account Email; Corrected the Display of xTrain Grants for PIs Given the ASST Role; Corrected the Stipend Amount Displayed on Termination Notice; Fixed the Grant Number Displayed in Action Notices Sent to BOs; Corrected the Issue of Notifications Being Sent to the Wrong Trainee; Addressed a Personal Profile Issue Affecting the Deletion of Employment Records; Fixed Notification Issue for PIs with Multiple Affiliations; Corrected Issue Saving Accomplishments on RPPR for Complex Grants; New Citizenship Status Option Added to Personal Profile


  • eRA Commons Release Notes - (PDF - 144 KB) 11/07/2013
    New Features: Training RPPRs added for SNAP and non-SNAP Awards; Budget Forms Available in RPPR for non-SNAP Awards;  RPPR Available for Multi-Project Awards; Disable Submit for eSNAP; PD/PI Delegate Submission Restrictions; Warning Message for RPPR Initiation for Closed Enrollment Protocols; Warning Message for Missing Profile Information for Postdoc, Graduate, and Undergraduate Project Roles; Status Screens Updated for Hurricane Sandy Grants; PPF SSN Field; New Online Help for Commons
    Fixes: Corrected Calculation of End of Eligibility Date on Personal Profile
  • eRA Commons Release Notes - (PDF - 234 KB) 07/19/2013
    New Features: New Personal Profile Interface; Removed the Option for Initiating an eSNAP Report; Enhanced the PDF for IC Requested PRAM Submission; Enhancements Made to Annual Report SFI Status Selection; Institution Profile Updated to Accept 4-Digit Extension for DUNS Number
    Fixes: Corrected Error When Accessing Commons; Corrected Issue Preventing Access to RPPR Section D; Fixed the Save, Route, and Submit Buttons for PRAM Routed by a PI Delegate; Corrected the Duplicate PD/PI and MPI Entries Appearing on RPPR Section D; Corrected the List of Participants Table on RPPR; Sort by Application Function Removed on xTrain Trainee Roster Table; Corrected Access of Business Officials to Certain Fellowship Grants; FCOI Annual Report Link Available 75 Days Prior to Next Budget Period Start Date; Corrected the Display of FCOI Annual Reports Due; Corrected Status of FFRs Processed by NBS
  • xTrain Module Out of Cycle Release Notes - (PDF 11 KB) 06/07/2013
    Fixes: Electronic Signature of PI Corrected on Termination Notice; Appointment PDF Corrected for Prior Support
  • eRA Commons Release Notes v3.7.0.4 - (PDF - 43 KB) 04/19/2013
    New Features: Budget Period Required When Submitting Administrative Supplement Funds Request; New Reminder Email for Annual Reports; Explanation Added to the 2011 FCOI Entity Name Field; New Pop-Up Message Explains the Proper Time to Revise an FCOI Report; Certification Language on Item 13 of the Federal Financial Report has Changed; Total Federal Funds Authorized Amount on an FFR for a Type 8 Grant Equals the Total Awarded Amount; Reviewer Address Zip Code on PPF Required only for U.S. Address; Changes to RPPR Email Notifications; Change Made to RPPR for Training and Fellowship Awards; Updates Made to the PRAM Feature of RPPR; eSNAP Replaced by RPPR; Status Information Screen Displays the Meeting Date Once Assigned; Revised Warning Message for Periods of Appointment that Exceed the Project Period; For CDC Only: New Error Message for Periods of Appointment that Exceed the Project Period; For CDC Only: Warning Message Removed for Submissions and Approvals of SOAs With a Different Stipend Amount than the xTrain-calculated Amount; For CDC Only: 2271 Allows Stipend Amount of $0
    Fixes: Corrected the FFR Error Message Displayed when NBS Service is Down; Fixed Proposal Title Field on No Cost Extension Confirmation; RPPR Modified to Check if Inclusion Enrollment is Required; RPPR Fixed to Disallow AO Users to Submit to Agency; Corrected PDF Version of RPPR for Fellowship Awards; Fixed the PD/PI Name Displayed on the RPPR Inclusion Enrollment Section; Corrected Document Generation Failed Error for RPPR PDF; Corrected Misspelling on Question B.5 of RPPR; Corrected Publication Retrieval from NLM for Former Grant Numbers; Fixed the Requirement for Congressional District on RPPR on Foreign Countries; Fixed an Error Encountered when Searching for Particular Grants; Separate Termination Notices Generated When There is a Gap in Appointments; Termination Email Notifications to be Sent Based on the Last Project Period for the Grant Family; Fixed Display of Standard Stipend Amount on TN for Last Year of Support; Corrected the 2271 to Prevent Trainees from Updating the Salary; Fixed the Cancel Button Functionality on the Termination Certification Screen; ASST Users Now Only See Grants Belonging to Their Institutions
  • eRA Commons Release Notes v3.6.1.6 - (PDF - 34 KB) 01/25/2013

    New Features: Terminated Fellowships Display on Trainee Roster Page, New Online Help for xTrain, FFATA Indication Displayed on Status Screens;
    Fixes: Corrected Due Dates for FFR Annual Reports, Corrected PDF Upload Issue with JIT, FWA Entries with Invalid Characters Can Be Deleted, Trainee's Previous Fellowships Display as Prior Support, Corrected Issue with xTrain Amended Dates, Corrected FFR Reporting Period End Dates, AA Role Given Ability to Delegate Progress Report and Delegate Sponsor, Clarified Error Message when Attempting to Upload an Invalid File Type, RPPR Question G12 to Display as Not Applicable for Fellowships, Fixed the List of Participants in RPPR, Corrected the Sort Order of Publications in RPPR PDF, Email Sent to PD/PI Delegate When an RPPR is Routed, RPPRs Created Both Electronically and by Paper are No Longer Causing Duplicate Grants to Appear on eSNAP, Fixed Order of Options in the FCOI Value Drop-down Box