Account Management Module (AMM) - New Features & Updates


New Features (January 2017)

  • Adds Role Description Report, including all roles, role descriptions, and associated privileges for any given business area, and allows users to export the report.
  • Adds Program Official and Program Analyst roles to AMS and implements role segregation validation so that both Program Official and GM Manager roles cannot be assigned to the same account.
  • Renames Account Request Form to Account Request Supporting Material.
  • Requires uploading Account Request Supporting Material for the following actions:
    • Add Roles
    • Remove Roles
    • Affiliation
    • Un-affiliation
    • Recertify Account
    • Reactivate Account


New Features (October 2016)

  • Updates eNotifications and error messages to advise deactivated users to contact their IC coordinator instead of the Service Desk.
  • Allows IC coordinators to deactivate an IMPAC II account even if it is currently in a locked status due to inactivity by clicking the Deactivate button on the Manage Accounts screen.
  • Requires an Account Request form on existing IMPAC II accounts that do not currently have a form uploaded if or when modifications are made to the account. This does not apply if only the email address is being changed.
  • Allow Data Quality user to explicitly approve an account after collapsing profile.

New Features (July 2016)

  • Provides IC Coordinators and Service Desk Agents with search capabilities to find accounts deactivated due to inactivity, and reactivate users, if needed.
  • Allows Service Desk Agents to update User IDs on their accounts.
  • Adds a note to the end of the role conflict error message. When a role conflict exists, the following text will be added: For clarification, please contact eRA Service Desk with justification.
  • Includes BCCs to the Service Desk on notifications of authentication credentials, new accounts, and notifications of passwords for new accounts.
  • Adds Search by Country functionality for state accounts.
  • Changes the filter label above the search result table to Filter Results for clarification.

New Features (June 2016)

  • Validates users’ affiliations of administrative roles to make sure users have administrative roles at only one institution.
  • Allows IC Coordinator and/or Service Desk to upload Account Request Forms in Manage Account page.
  • Allows IC Coordinator and/or Service Desk to view uploaded Account Request Form in View page.
  • Allows IC Coordinator and/or Service Desk to upload Account Request Form in .msg format (email).

New Feature (January 2016)

  • The capabilities to create and manage accounts for eRA system users will move from the User Administration module to the Account Management System (AMS), enhanced with a refined interface that is user friendly. Staff from Institutes/Centers and eRA’s partner agencies with specific privileges to manage user accounts in User Admin will have the same access in AMS.