This page provides information on the NIH’s External User Acceptance Test (Ext-UAT) environment. Ext-UAT is used by system-to-system administrators and institution staff to test NIH Web Services, ASSIST or the application submission process.

NIH's External User Acceptance Test (Ext-UAT)

Although NIH provides a Commons Demo environment that allows users to explore standard eRA Commons features like progress reporting and viewing application status, it is not suited for testing NIH Web Services, ASSIST or the application submission process.

​NIH's External User Acceptance Test (Ext-UAT) environment accepts test applications through Grants.gov's Training  (http://training.grants.gov/web/grants/home.html) environment.

You will need a non-production Commons account to access Ext-UAT.

  • If you are the owner of a production Commons account that you would like activated in NIH Ext-UAT or unsure if your organization has an active registration in Ext-UAT, please email S2SSupport@mail.nih.gov.
  • Requests to activate accounts in NIH Ext-UAT that you do not own will require an email from the account Signing Official (SO) to S2SSupport@mail.nih.gov before we can action your request.

Although not necessary for successful submission, you may choose to add features to your S2S solutions that require the use of eRA Web Services to access application and grant information. Additional set-up is required to test these services see eRA Web Services for details.

Ext-UAT Deployment Window

NIH has set a standard deployment window for the Ext-UAT environment of Monday-Friday 7-11 a.m. ET. This does not mean that Ext-UAT will experience daily deployments. It does mean that when deployments are necessary, NIH will make every effort to stay within this standard window. NIH will provide notifications to the NIH_ESUB_SYS2SYS-L listserv of deployment activities that fall outside the standard window.

Test Opportunities