eRA Web Services

NIH offers a variety of web services related to NIH application submission and grant data. Following are some of the most popular services eRA provides to the external community.

  • Submission Validation Service (SVS) to do pre-submission validation checks of single and multi-project applications
  • A service to return a preview of the application image in the format used by NIH (SIL)
  • Machine readable Notice of Award (NoA) system to system interface


Technical Documentation


Accessing NIH Web Services

To request a new certificate account, the Signing Official at the organization of a user requesting this account will need to utilize eRA’s Account Management Module (AMM) via the Admin tab in eRA Commons.  Please follow instructions in the ‘Create Account’ topic in the Account Management Module (AMM) online help. Users will also now have the ability to validate a certificate via the AMM system by following instruction under the ‘Validate Certificate’ section of this user guide.

It is the responsibility of the organization to update certificate accounts via the AMM system if the certificate account expires or changes in any way.  NIH recommends users of AMM to take this action at least 5 days in advance of the expiration of certificate accounts to ensure you do not experience a lapse in service.

Please note, eRA does NOT support wild card or self-signed certificates.

Non-production External-User Acceptance Test (Ext-UAT)
ServiceService URLWSDL (Certificate Required)YAML (Certificate Required)
Submission Agency Data Service (SADS) eraexchange/services/SubmissionAgencyDataService
Submission Validation Service (SVS) svs/services/SubmissionValidationService 
Submission Image Service (SIL)http://ttps:// sil/services/V2/SubmissionImageService 
NoA Retrieval Service 


Access the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) or YAML at the URLs below. The WSDL/YAML can be used by various tools to generate the web service client stubs.



Service Service URLWSDL (Certificate Required)YAML (Certificate Required)
Submission Agency Data Service (SADS) 
Submission Validation Service (SVS)"
Submission Image Service (SIL) 
NoA Retrieval Service 


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