Subproject Management System (SMS)

What is the purpose?

The Subproject Management System (SMS) module is used to view, create, update, delete, and import subproject records associated with a parent grant, depending on the user's privileges. It can be accessed from the Grants Management (GM), Institute and Center Operations (ICO), Program Management Module (PMM), and Peer Review (REV) modules.

What are the features?

The system provides the ability to perform the following functions:

  • View a List of subprojects associated with a parent grant.
  • View a subproject's details; add or edit subprojects.
  • Create/change the principal investigator associated with a subproject.
  • Assign associated Human Embryonic Stem Cell lines.
  • Change the subproject's institution, delete subprojects and import subprojects.
  • Approve and un-approve Institute/Center subprojects.
  • Create and update a subproject's budget information and support years.
  • Award and un-award subprojects.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows users to perform multiple functions related to subprojects using one consolidated module.
  • Provides automated synchronization between a parent grant and its subprojects, when changes are made to the parent grant.
  • Provides access from multiple modules including Grants Management, Inclusion Management System, Program, and Peer Review.

Who can use SMS?

This module is available to users with specific privileges to manage subprojects.