What is the purpose?

The Payback Activities (PA) module supports the administration of payback requirements for the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA). PA calculates the payback service owed, maintains the overall payback status, and provides the ability for NIH staff to enter and review the Annual Payback Activities Certifications (APACs) that are received.

What are the features?

  • Allows Payback Service Center users to track and manage Payback obligations of recipients of NRSA appointments and fellowships.
  • Makes available letter templates and allows the creation of letters that inform recipients of NRSA appointments and fellowships about the status of their payback obligation.
  • Includes a PDF version of accepted appointments and termination notices.
  • Displays important date, mail, and status history.
  • Includes a PDF version of the Payback Snapshot report for an individual.

What are the benefits?

Allows users to be able to view and manage profile information, NIH support, NRSA Support and Committee Management activities, including the PDF versions of training appointments and termination notices.

Who can use the Payback Module?

The module is restricted to authorized users of IMPAC II with specific user roles for managing the agency payback service requirements.