Grants Management (GM)

What is the purpose?  

The Grants Management module enables the funding agency to document the administrative review in conjunction with issuing grant awards. It also provides multiple functions related to issuing awards including workload management tools, checks and balances to verify data integrity, and the ability to assign grants to grants management or program staff for individual records.

What are the features?

  • Provides the ability to manage workload and query the eRA system for grant records.
  • Allows for the processing of all award types.
  • Provides a dashboard, ‘My Portfolio,’ to provide critical information at a glance to grants management specialists on the grant applications they need to track and manage.   The dashboard also has widgets to display different views of the portfolio; quick filters to narrow access to information; and icons to provide a ready guide to statuses on the screen (program official sign off, work in progress (WIP), etc.)
  • Provides an updated ‘Search’ screen that allow users to create unlimited saved searches; set one search as the default; designate up to 7 searches as their favorites; and customize the column view and sort preferences.
  • Allows the ability to document administrative reviews prior to issuing all awards including updating IMPAC II data elements, capturing responses to standard and agency-specific checklists and capturing comments by both program officials (PO) and grants management officials (GMO).
  • Allows users to enter and update or revise budget information for all years of an award.
  • Allows users to import budget information from local spreadsheets.
  • Allows users to create records when appropriate for administrative extensions.
  • Gives users the ability to assign a co-funder for a grant award using funds provided by other funding sources.
  • Provides a series of business rule based edit checks to verify the integrity of the data and to look for possible errors in the data entry before release of the award. 
  • Ensures appropriate checks and balances by establishing internal controls for authority for data entry vs. authority for signing awards.
  • Enables the ability to capture signoffs of grants management specialists (GMS) and GMO processing the award.
  • Generates and stores a PDF Notice of Award (NoA). In addition to some standard Terms of Award, the module provides the ability to import agency-created 'terms and conditions' into the application for inclusion in the NoA.
  • Enables the receipt of the NoA through an eNotification after the award, also accessible by the grantee in eRA Commons.
  • Provides system flexibility to accommodate custom templates for each agency.  
  • Generates a report to satisfy the Congressional Liaison Office notification requirement.

What are the benefits?

The Grants Management module provides a comprehensive electronic tool for the Grants management business area to conduct and document the administrative side of the grants process