Overview Checklist Management

What is the purpose?

Checklist provides grants management and program staff a tool for reviewing and entering assurances and administrative prerequisites that require approval in accordance with the general terms and conditions of award.

The content of a grant application’s checklist, based on the IC, activity code, grant type, and multiple other indicators (such as the presence of human and animal subjects) is customized for grants management and program, by Agency. Checklist content can also be IC-specific.

The checklist has an administration interface for creating questions for use by program and grants management staff completing the actual checklists. Program staff access the Checklist from the new PMM system, while grants management staff get to Checklist from GM.

What are the features?

The newly redesigned Checklist allows for better reporting and administration of compliance activities. Highlights include the following:

  • Addition of new questions and headers.
  • Summary information and easy access from within the checklist to key data elements of the grant application including direct links to systems such as IMS and FACTS
  • More criteria for setting up and managing questions.
  • “Not Applicable” is no longer a selection.
  • “Yes” or “No” Checklist responses provide specific prompts to document compliance or communicate needed actions when appropriate.
  • RPPR application responses drive many noncompeting questions.
  • FCOI questions appear only on noncompeting grants when an FCOI report has been submitted or annual report is expected.
  • Checklist locked when program signs off to ensure that grants management and program are on the same page. Unlocking can be easily done by grants management upon request. 

What are the benefits?

  • The Checklist system serves as an internal control compliance and risk mitigation tool, allowing grants management and program staff to check that all requirements are followed.
  • Maximizes oversight and efficiency in completing the administrative check of grant applications prior to award. 

Who can use Checklist?

  • The Checklist Manager manages the content of the customized checklist items.
  • The following users can generate, view, and edit checklists for particular grants:
    • Grants management officials
    • Grant specialists
    • Program officials
    • Program analysts