Real Time Meeting Status

What is the purpose?

The Real Time Meeting Status (RTMS) module allows program officials (POs) to track the discussion status of grant applications and grants in their portfolio at review meetings in real time, as well as grants they track through the Program Management Module (PMM). The RTMS module is available in both mobile and desktop versions, giving program officials information on the go.

Scientific review officers (SROs) and/or extramural support assistants (ESAs) can report the status of study section meeting discussions in real time through an RTMS screen in the Internet Assisted Review (IAR) module.

What are the features?

The Real Time Meeting Status module allows program officials to:

  • Track the status of their grant application(s) discussion at review meetings in real time
  • Follow the order of review of grant applications at the meeting
  • Listen to discussions of assigned applications at the meeting
  • View announcements posted by the SRO

The RTMS screen in IAR module allows SROs and or extramural support assistants (ESAs) to:

  • Report the meeting status of applications being discussed at the meeting in real time — such as ‘not started; in progress; on hold; and ended’
  • Report the application status as ‘pending, in progress, completed, etc.’ in real time
  • Post announcements to keep program officials informed of review order changes, breaks or other pertinent information

What are the benefits?

  • By monitoring the progress of their applications in real time, program officials can save time by getting an estimate as to when their application(s) will be discussed and tuning in only for the applications in which they are interested
  • Program officials can track and listen to the discussion on their mobile devices, thereby benefiting from flexibility of location

Who can use Real Time Meeting Status?

  • Program officials 
  • Scientific review officers (SROs) 
  • Extramural support assistants (ESAs)