Program Management Module (PMM)

What is the purpose?

The Authorized NIH and partner agency staff only Program Management Module (PMM) (for authorized NIH and partner agency staff only) is designed for program officials (PO) and program analysts to manage portfolios and the end-to end grant lifecycle. With enhanced capabilities, the module helps improve efficiency and productivity by reducing the time taken by program staff to accomplish tasks in the system.

What are the features?

PMM allows users to:

  • Obtain quickly grant status including access to all documents in the Grant Folder, grant snapshot, checklists and PO approvals.
  • View all assigned applications and grants in any PO’s portfolio, either in a single view or presorted according to their phase in the grant lifecycle.
  • Utilize enhanced, comprehensive search capabilities.
  • Link directly to other eRA modules, providing instant information retrieval.
  • Enter information into a filter box, which gives users the ability to quickly find information about any grant in a portfolio.
  • Easily track grants outside of a PO’s assigned portfolio.
  • Follow review meetings in real time, for either a PO’s assigned grant applications or for a program analyst’s tracked grants.
  • Access expandable and collapsible data fields for easier retrieval and viewing.
  • Add and save program notes and specific URLs in the Program Notebook feature, as well as save documents and emails as attachments.
  • Complete checklists and sign off on grant awards.
  • Approve final progress reports for grant closeout.
  • Quickly see what required actions (signing off on a grant application, completing a checklist, approving closeout) are due within the current week, using the Task feature.

What are the benefits?

  • Adds a Program Notebook which allows POs to store information on an entire grant family throughout its lifetime.
  • Increases efficiency for POs, with improved search capability and enhanced functionality.
  • Provides responsive design, allowing any screen to automatically resize on different devices (phones, tablets, and computers).
  • Updates tasks automatically which allows POs to quickly and easily see what actions need to be done in the near term.

For information: Please go to the Authorized NIH and partner agency staff only PMM info page on the eRA Intranet (authorized NIH and partner agency staff only)