Web Services

eRA offers a range of web services related to application submission and grant data. These services are tailored to both external users (grant and contract organizations; system-to-system services) as well as internal users (staff at NIH and eRA’s partner agencies). Access to the web services requires creating a system account with eRA.

These are some of eRA’s popular web services for external users (grant and contract organizations; system-to-system services):

  • A service to return a preview of the application image in the format used by the funding agency. This Image Generation Service lets applicants see what the final version of the assembled image will look like prior to submission.
  • A machine-readable Notice of Award (NoA) system-to-system interface.
  • A Submission Validation Service (SVS) that provides the ability to check agency specific business rules prior to submission and significantly reduce errors before submission.
  • A Status service that allows applicant systems to query the status of applications.


See eRA Web Services for details.