Tips & Tricks for Fixing Browser Configuration Issues When Using eRA Modules

Several factors may play into why users run into browser issues when using eRA modules. Here are some tips to help guide users with these scenarios when using eRA modules. 

  1. Test this Sample PDF to Ensure You Can Access PDF

    To check if your browser can correctly open PDF files , click on this sample PDF.  If you can open it, you are all set with accessing PDFs files within eRA modules. If you cannot open it, please contact your local IT Desktop Support staff for help. The Adobe Acrobat applications or other PDF software you have on your computer may need to be updated or configured differently. If you do not have local IT Desktop Support staff, and are still experiencing problems opening PDF files, please contact the eRA Service Desk.

  2. Disable Pop-Up Blockers When Using eRA Modules

    Security settings on your computer can affect the functioning of eRA modules, such as pop-up blockers not being disabled, or cookies and cache that need to be cleared. When using eRA modules, ensure that pop-up blockers are disabled, and pop-ups are allowed for eRA module sites. This will ensure that pop-up screens in the eRA module are displayed for you. You can make these changes in your browser setting. For instance, in Google Chrome, go to Settings>Privacy and Security>Site Settings to make these changes.

  3. Periodically Clear Cookies and Cache

    Clearing your browser’s cache or cookies will force the browser to completely reload everything from the website or module you are using and possibly take care of any issue you may have been experiencing. The steps to clear the cookies and cache in different browsers are widely available on the Internet.