NIH eRA Items of Interest - August 2018

Haaappy Anniversary!

A Continuation of Improvement: IMS to HSS It is ironic that as I write this, I am celebrating four amazing years of marriage to my wife. And every year on this day I start singing the Flintstones Anniversary song to the tune of the William Tell Overture…

Happy Anniversary , Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary Haaappy Anniversary

Happy she and happy he They're both as happy as can be,  Celebrating merrily their happy anniversary…

I will never know why that episode has always stuck with me. But I am not the only one who will be celebrating an anniversary. You will be too! And you will know it because we are going to send you an email to honor the occasion. As part of an initiative to ensure your account is up to date, on the yearly anniversary of the creation of your account, you will receive a system generated email asking you to log into eRA Commons, click on the Personal Profile tab, and update any old or errant information. The message will read:

Subject: Annual Validation of Your Personal Information
Dear eRA Commons User,
This notification is a request for you to validate your personal information within Commons. Please login to Commons and select the Personal Profile tab. Please update any incorrect information.
For any further questions about this email, call the eRA Service Desk at 1-866-504-9552 or refer to for additional methods of contact. Please access Commons at
For more information please visit 

The email will use the address listed under the Name and ID section for account-related communications, on your Personal Profile screen. Please ensure all contact information is current, employment information is up to date, and education information is accurate. If you are a reviewer, it also important to make sure Reviewer Communications and Reviewer Payments information is also correct.

So Yabba Dabba Dooo! Happy Anniversary!!


From Golden Gates to Nuggets of Knowledge

From Golden Gates to Nuggets of KnowledgeThe NIH Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration returns to the West Coast this fall. And as always, you will have the opportunity to collect wonderful nuggets of knowledge (Get it? Gold…nuggets). 

If you are new to working with the NIH grants process and want to learn more, while having the opportunity to hear from more than 60 NIH & HHS experts...then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!  Optional pre-seminar workshops include detailed information on topics like human research protection, application preparation, post-application submission, intellectual property, iEdison, and more!  During the 2-day seminar, you’ll find an array of sessions designed for administrators, researchers, grant writers, etc.  In addition, get more personalized guidance during the 1:1 Meet the Expert chats available between attendees and presenters. If that’s not enough...check out these trivia nuggets about the City by the Bay:
Here are just local nuggets of San Francisco trivia:
  • The city was originally named Yerba Buena (Good Herb)
  • It has the 2nd largest Chinatown outside of Asia
  • There are 50 named hills
  • It’s the home of Alcatraz, also known as “The Rock.”
  • There are 3500 restaurants available in the 7 by 7 mile city limits
  • Bendy straws were invented in 1937 by Joseph Friedman
  • In 1927, the electronic television was first demonstrated by its inventor, Philo Farnsworth (who went on to lead research in nuclear fusion.)
Registration is open now!  These seminars traditionally reach capacity before the event (and so do the hotel rooms).  General registration rates are in effect until September 14, so register soon.
When:   October 17-19, 2018 
October 17 – Optional Workshops
October 18 & 19 – 2-day Seminar
Where: Hilton San Francisco Union Square