eRA Enhancements: New Prior Name Options in Personal Profile Coming September 8

The eRA Commons Personal Profile module will soon offer the option to enter, view and edit Prior Names in the Name and ID section. This lets users specify other names they have used professionally in the past (such as maiden, married names, etc.), so that their award data and career progress can be better maintained and tracked in eRA Commons. The Prior Names section will only be made accessible for NIH official use when completing reporting requirements and will not be shared. 
The new Prior Names feature will be rolled out on Wednesday, September 8. 
Key Steps to Enter and/or Edit Prior Names
When a user goes to the Name and ID section of Personal Profile and clicks on the Edit icon, the Prior Names section appears. In the Prior Names section, which lists all previously entered names, the user can enter new names and update or delete existing names.
·Name and ID Section — The Name and ID section does not show prior names until the user clicks the Edit button in the upper right:
Name and ID section of Personal Profile
Figure 1: The Name and ID section of Personal Profile when expanded
·Name and ID Section Edit — After the user clicks the Edit button, a Prior Names section will appear.
Figure 2: The Prior Names section in Personal Profile
·Add Prior Name — The user can click the Add Prior Name button to add a new prior name. See Figure 3.
Figure 3: Data entry fields available when adding a prior name
·Edit Prior Name — When the user clicks the Edit link for an existing name, a popup similar to the one above is displayed, where the user can update an existing prior name.
·Delete Prior Name — When the user clicks the Delete link for an existing name, a confirmation popup appears, where the user can confirm deletion of an existing prior name.