eRA Alert: Action Required for In-Progress RPPR Budget Forms Due to RPPR Update June 23; Updated RPPR Instruction Guide Available

The Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) module in eRA Commons is moving to the new visual appearance being adopted by other eRA modules, because of a required technology upgrade that enhances the security and stability of the module. The refreshed screens will be rolled out on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

All screens are being transitioned to the new look. The upgrade includes the addition of the new unique entity identifier (UEI) fields where applicable and required FORMS-G changes, including updated budget forms.

An updated, initial RPPR Instruction Guide was issued on Friday, May 13 to reflect changes associated with recently issued guide notices on Other Support and Biosketch format pages, human subjects, Trainee Diversity Report and NRSA childcare costs reporting (see NOT-OD-22-130 for details). A final RPPR Instruction Guide will be published on June 23, 2022, to reflect the revised screenshots accompanying the new look and feel of the RPPR module.

Action Required for Budget Forms

Users need to be aware that budget forms (applicable to non-SNAP awards only) will be updated to a new format. As a result of this update, users with in-progress RPPR forms will be required to redo budget form data if the in-progress RPPR is not submitted by June 22, a day before the release.

  • We recommend that in-progress RPPRs be submitted by Wednesday, June 22 to avoid having to redo budget forms after the cutover.
  • If that is not possible, we recommend you delay completing the budget forms until after Thursday, June 23 to avoid re-work.

RPPRs submitted on or before June 22 will reflect the FORMS-F budget forms. Due dates for submission of the RPPR remain unchanged. See

Forms-G and UEI Changes to Budget Form

These are the changes to the SF424 Research and Related Budget Form in the RPPR:

  • Under Other Direct Costs, increased the number of available ‘Other’ direct costs lines from 3 to 10
  • A UEI field that replaces the previous ‘Organizational DUNS’ field
  • Enhanced organization search — enter the organization name and the UEI, organization name and organization address will automatically populate the budget form.

The Training Budget form and the PHS Additional Indirect Costs form will also have the ‘Organizational DUNS’ field replaced by the UEI field, as well as move to the new format.


See Figure 1 for the location of budget forms.


 Figure 1: Budget Forms in RPPR