NIH eRA eSubmission Items of Interest November, 2014

Prepare Thyself!

 First on the list is a little reminder from the Division of Grants Policy: 

Subject: Subaccounting Transition Reminder

NIH released a Guide Notice in the summer announcing that it would postpone transition of non-competing grant awards from pooled accounts (G accounts) in the Payment Management System (PMS) to subaccounts (P accounts) by one year—i.e, now beginning October 1, 2015.  Last month Dr. Sally Rockey blogged about the revised transition time line as well.  While we are only a month into federal Fiscal Year 2015, we want to remind you it is critical that your institution prepare now for the changes coming next October 2015.  As NOT-OD-14-103 explained: “Grantees with inadequate systems in place to appropriately manage this transition by October 1, 2015, may be unable to appropriately access PMS accounts and risk losing their ability to draw down funding.  Grantees are advised that there will be no additional implementation delays considered and no exceptions granted to the deadline.  As of October 1, 2015, NIH will utilize only subaccounts for awarding grant funds. Every grant that is awarded funding in FY 2016 (whether it be in the first, second, third or fourth quarter of FY 2016) will be in a subaccount.”  We will send an additional reminder as the final transition date approaches.

Please direct all inquiries on the subaccounts transition to:

Division of Grants Policy

Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration

Office of Extramural Research

National Institutes of Health

Telephone: 301-435-0949


Thank you for your attention and preparations related to this issue.

Remember, forewarned is forearmed! 


That’d Be Great!

Well, we’re working on it! Yes, you read that correctly. We are currently working on what is called the Federated Login, or in plain language, the ability for you to use your institutional user ID and password to access eRA Commons.

This new feature is currently being piloted in eRA Commons.  The pilot is limited to organizations currently registered with InCommon and then work with NIH’s Center for Information Technology (CIT) to establish the relationship between your institution and eRA Commons.  The pilot is only applicable to users with specific roles within Commons.  The number of limited roles is to ensure the security of proprietary information as we evaluate the functionality of this feature. Roles currently eligible for the pilot are: Graduate Student, PostDoc, Project Personnel, Scientist, Trainee, and Undergraduate.  Of course, the hope is to expand the number of supported roles to eventually include Principal Investigators, Signing Officials, and other administrative roles.

For more information on the Institution/Organization Log In functionality, review the October 17 Commons Release Notes, or theCommons Online Help System.

And, I believe you have my stapler...

Don’t Be Like This Guy!

We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure you have the best information and tools that will get you an award.  Volumes of it from registration; grant writing; policy information; submission process and submission tracking; to how to deal with issues; etc.

What we don’t talk about so much is what to do at the end of the award process.  A few actions are needed in preparing and submitting acceptable final reports to complete an NIH award.  Neglecting to meet these modest but important requirements could have a negative downstream impact on other current or future awards. 


So we proudly share with you the most recent eRA Commons tutorial video: Grants Closeout in eRA Commons.  

And don’t forget to checkout all of the eRA tutorial videos on our eRA Videos page