Submit Relinquishing Statement (If Needed)

On rare occasions, an active award may be transferred from one research institution to another. This page provides information on the first step of that two-step process, which involves the awarded organization relinquishing the award in eRA Commons.

The change of institution, or change of recipient organization, is the transfer of the legal and administrative responsibility for a grant-supported project or activity from one legal entity to another before the completion date of the approved project period (competitive segment).

This transfer is a two-step process where the awarded institution must submit a relinquishing statement through eRA Commons, and the receiving institution must submit an application via using the Parent Funding Opportunity Announcement listed at

Basic Tasks (step-by-step instructions from the online help)*


* You must be logged into eRA Commons with appropriate role(s) to complete these activities. 

Main Screenshots

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Manage Relinquishing Statement screen

Figure 1: Manage Relinquishing Statement screen


Image 2

Figure 2: Relinquishing Statement data screen