Signing Official and Principal Investigator Privileges in eRA Commons

Responsibility Task Signing official (SO) Principal Investigator
Registration Register & maintain registrations with required federal agencies  
User Accounts Affiliate, manage, and create user accounts  
Application Submission Submit an application to
(Has to also be Authorized Organization Representative in
Application Tracking Check on status of application    
  Application Submission     
Reject Application Remove an application from review consideration  
Just in Time Enter Info    
View Scores and Summary Statement Accessible via the Status Information screen
View Notice of Award Accessible via the Status Information screen          
Reporting Initiate Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)/MultiYear Progress Report (MYPR)    
  Enter info for RPPR/MYPR     
  Submit RPPR    Possible, if delegated privilege by SO
Prior Approval Requests
Request No Cost Extension Initiate    
  Add Info   
Withdrawal of grant Initiate    
Request Carryover Initiate    
  Enter Info     
Request Change of PD/PI Initiate  
Federal Financial Report Initiate Only a user with the FSR role has the authority to view, enter data, and submit View the FFR on behalf of the institution.  
Closeout Enter info  
Manage access to ASSIST