Submit Critiques and Scores

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During a review meeting, reviewers author critiques, submit scores, and optionally, revise critiques and scores after submission. The following pages describe the process.

eRA Module: Internet Assisted Review (IAR) - via eRA Commons

The Internet Assisted Review (IAR) Module is a system to support the review of grant applications and proposals. It provides a secure environment for reviewers to view applications, provide written feedback, and scores. The system provides additional features for scientific review officers or meeting administrators to upload meeting materials to assist in the review of the applications or proposals.

Reviewers electronically submit critiques and scores for assigned applications during the Submit and Edit phases of a review meeting in IAR. SROs or meeting administrators use phases to guide reviewers through the review process. The Submit phase allows reviewers to see their assignments, provide their written feedback, and provide scores. During the Submit phase, reviewers will not see the critiques of other reviewers to ensure that their feedback is not influenced by other reviewers.

Reviewers use IAR to review others' critiques for all applications in a review meeting, within certain limits. During the read phase, SROs can allow reviewers that have submitted their own critiques or evaluations to view the comments of other reviewers assigned to the same application. This allows reviewers to compose their own thoughts as they prepare to discuss their applications in the review meeting.