Submit Final Scores

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During a review meeting, reviewers optionally revise critiques and scores after submission. The following pages describe the process.

eRA Module: Internet Assisted Review (IAR) - via eRA Commons

The Internet Assisted Review (IAR) Module is a system to support the review of grant applications and proposals. It provides a secure environment for reviewers to view applications, provide written feedback, and scores. The system provides additional features for scientific review officers or meeting administrators to upload meeting materials to assist in the review of the applications or proposals.

An optional phase of the review meeting, named the Edit phase, lets reviewers revise their critiques and scores. The Edit phase can be enabled if reviewers would like to make changes to the feedback after the meeting have taken place. There is flexibility in the ways final scores and the criteria subject to scoring can be configured.

Reviewers can provide their final scores using the electronic Final Score Sheet. The final scoring time can be controlled by the SRO or meeting administrator.