Identify Conflicts of Interest

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IAR supports the collection of required certifications such as a confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreements, or conflict of interest forms. These certifications can be configured, if needed, to limit access to applications and proposals or limit the reviewer’s ability to contribute materials such as written feedback or scores. Once these certifications are complete, reviewers can access the applications or proposals that they are assigned to review. The resources below help reviewers get started with the review process.

eRA Module: Internet Assisted Review (IAR) - via eRA Commons

The Internet Assisted Review (IAR) Module is a system to support the review of grant applications and proposals. It provides a secure environment for reviewers to view applications, provide written feedback, and scores. The system provides additional features for scientific review officers or meeting administrators to upload meeting materials to assist in the review of the applications or proposals.

In the Recruitment phase of a peer review meeting process (when SROs or meeting administrators are finding experts to provide peer review), reviewers can report any conflicts directly to the SRO or meeting administrator.

As a requirement for accessing a review meeting in IAR, reviewers indicate whether they are or not a federally registered lobbyist and certify their agreement with the confidentiality agreement. IAR can also be configured to require certification of documents such as a non-disclosure agreement.

IAR can require certification of conflict of interest forms before a reviewer participates in the review of applications.

Reviewers complete the Post Meeting Certification at the conclusion of a review meeting to confirm that they did not participate in discussions about applications with which they had a conflict.