Track and Submit Terms and Conditions Documentation

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Track and Submit Terms & Conditions Documentation

eRA offers recipients the ability to track the status of terms and conditions of their award and to submit any required documentation to fulfill those terms and conditions.

eRA Module: The Terms and Conditions Module (TCM)

The Terms and Conditions Module provides recipients with an interface where they can review, submit, and check on the status of their documentation so that they can meet the terms and conditions of their award.

Any grant issued with funding from an agency is subject to terms and conditions. Those terms and conditions are listed on the Notice of Award. Some or all those terms and conditions may be tracked, which means they will be set up in the eRA Commons module with scheduled tasks and due dates. Applicants can submit documentation by those due dates through a screen in eRA Commons.

Highlights of Capabilities

Accessed through eRA Commons Status Module, TCM’s intuitive interface lets project directors/principal investigators (PD/PIs) and signing officials (SOs) easily check on tracked terms and conditions. The features of TCM include:

  • Terms and Conditions organized by budget period as they can change with each budget period.
  • Multiple statuses for tracked terms and conditions that include Unresolved, In-review, Resolved, Archived (Unresolved), and Closed.
  • All terms and conditions easily accessible for review, even those that are not tracked.
  • Support for submission of up to 10 files for each tracked term.
  • Ability to review documents prior to submission, ensuring correct information is being provided.
  • Email notifications automatically sent confirming and summarizing submitted documentation.
  • Ability to update and resubmit a submission returned after review by the awarding agency, based on agency feedback.