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eRA provides the ability for recipients of federal awards to submit regular reports on the various aspects of their research, including progress reports, reports related to human subject and clinical trials, and conflict of interests.

eRA Module: Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) - via eRA Commons

RPPR in the eRA Commons module allows for the submission of required progress reports to document recipient accomplishments and compliance with terms of award. As part of the closeout process at the end of a project, eRA Commons also supports Final and Interim RPPRs. An Interim RPPR is submitted if the organization submits a competing renewal application. If the competing renewal application is funded, the Interim RPPR is accepted and shows as an Interim RPPR (IRPPR). If the competing renewal application is not funded, the Interim RPPR is accepted as the Final RPPR.

eRA Module: Human Subjects System (HSS) - via eRA Commons

The HSS module is a shared system that enables recipients to electronically report and update their data on human subjects and clinical trials to NIH; and for NIH agency staff to monitor and manage the data.

eRA Module: Extramural Trainee Reporting and Career Tracking (xTRACT) - via eRA Commons

The xTRACT module, accessed via the eRA Commons module, allows applicants, recipients, and assistants to create research training tables for progress reports and institutional training grant applications.

eRA Module: Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) - via eRA Commons

The FCOI module allows institutional users to report all identified Investigator financial conflicts of interest to the funding agency as required by the FCOI regulation at 42 CFR § 50.605(b).

eRA Module: Federal Financial Report (FFR) - via eRA Commons

The FFR module in the eRA Commons module allows recipients to electronically submit a statement of expenditures associated with their grant to the agency providing the grant.