Prepare and Submit Applications

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eRA provides the ability to prepare grant applications and submit electronically via to NIH and eRA’s partner agencies.

eRA Module: Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST)

ASSIST is NIH’s online system for the preparation, submission and tracking of grant applications through to NIH.

Note: ASSIST can be customized to allow for the submission of applications that are not processed through

In addition to ASSIST, eRA integrates with to support the processing of applications submitted in the following two ways:

  • Institutional Solutions — System-to-System (S2S)
    An institution’s own in-house system or a system through a commercial service provider to prepare and submit application data to complying with all application requirements
  • workspace
    A shared, online environment managed by where multiple users may simultaneously work on different forms within an application package.

Accounts and Profiles

eRA provides the ability to set up and manage user accounts and allow applicant organizations to maintain their institutional profile information in the eRA Commons module. eRA also provides the ability for principal investigators to maintain their personal profile and delegate tasks in eRA Commons. Institutional officials and individuals working in a variety of roles on a grant application or award must have eRA Commons accounts to manage a grant application or award.

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eRA Module: Account Management Module (AMM) via eRA Commons
The Account Management Module (AMM) is a module to create, manage and search existing accounts in the eRA Commons, iEdison, and ASSIST modules as well as eRA modules used by agency staff.

eRA Module: Personal Profile (PPF) - via eRA Commons
The Personal Profile (PPF) in the eRA Commons module is a central repository of information on all eRA Commons registered users, with the content being maintained by the users.

eRA Module:Institutional Profile (IPF) - via eRA Commons
The Institution Profile (IPF) module is a central repository of information for all applicant organizations registered in eRA Commons, with each organization establishing and maintaining data on their own profile.

Highlights of Capabilities in the Modules and Resources
  • Understanding eRA Commons Accounts
    eRA Commons accounts fall into three basic categories: administrative, scientific, and other. Read how these accounts are created, affiliated with an institution, and managed.
  • Create and Edit an Account
    Learn how to manage accounts, using the Account Management Module (AMM) in the eRA Commons module. AMM is a user-friendly module to create, manage and search existing accounts in eRA Commons and ASSIST.
  • Account Roles
    Access to eRA Commons and its modules is determined by the designated roles of its users. Depending on their assigned role, users are granted different authorities to perform specific functions in the eRA Commons module.
  • Manage Delegations
    Users can delegate authority to perform specific functions to other eRA Commons users. Delegations include the ability to update Personal Profile information for principal investigators; view application status information; manage trainee information for training grants; work on financial conflict of interest information; work on all types of progress reports and Human Subject System (HSS) data; and more.
  • Manage Personal Profile
    The Personal Profile module in the Commons module is the central repository of information for all Commons registered users. It is designed so that individual eRA system users can hold and maintain ownership of the accuracy of their own profile information.