Monitor Application Status

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Application Tracking Status

eRA offers applicants the ability to track the status of applications through the submission and review process, and recipients the ability to view notices of award and key documents and perform post-award reporting and other transactions.

eRA Module: Status - via eRA Commons

The Status module is the interface in the eRA Commons module that allows project directors/principal investigators (PD/PIs) and signing officials (SOs) to track the status of award applications through the submission process, view all applications as well as notice of awards and other key documents, and access several post-submission and post-award transactions.

Highlights of Capabilities in the Modules and Resources

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  • How to Submit, Track and View Your Application
    An informational overview of the process used to submit, track, and view your application.
  • View Review Outcome
    During the peer review process, the application receives an overall impact score and possibly a percentile ranking. The scientific review officer (SRO) will also provide a summary statement. The information is usually available in the eRA Commons module within 30 days of the review of the application.
    Note: For agencies that do not want scores published, the display of scores can be turned off in the review modules
  • Submit Just-in-Time
    The Just-in-Time feature of eRA Commons allows a signing official to electronically submit additional grant application information that is requested by the grantor agency after the completion of the peer review, and prior to funding. This includes information on Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of the use of human subjects, verification of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee’s (IACUC’s) approval of the proposed use of live vertebrate animals, etc.
  • View Notice of Award
    The Notice of Award (NoA) is the official grant award document notifying the recipient and others that an award has been made. The NoA contains all terms and conditions of the grant award and provides the support documentation for recording the obligation of federal funds in the agency’s accounting system.