Awaiting Receipt of Applications

What is the purpose?

The main role of the Awaiting Receipt of Applications (ARA) module is for funding agency staff to electronically track and link information received in advance of submission to a grant application, after the application is received or logged into the eRA system. For instance, an Institute/Center may be willing to accept a grant application that is at or over the $500K limit of direct costs in any year. The IC uses an ARA form to electronically inform CSR's Division of Receipt and Referral (DRR) of this concurrence. DRR staff will then match the ARA request from the IC to the right application and eRA will automatically inform the IC.

ARA also facilitates requests for assignments from ICs and other information that needs to be connected to a specific application.

The new ARA replaces the manual paper-based process that has been used to match information to applications.

What are the features of the Awaiting Receipt of Applications module?

  • Enables IC staff to electronically initiate and route an ARA form to the IC Referral Liaison(s) who then route it to IMPAC II/eRA.
  • Allows DRR staff to view and electronically match the ARA form to the correct newly submitted grant application.
  • Enables DRR to provide feedback to the initiating Institute/Center (IC) about the disposition of the ARA, thereby closing the loop after assignment.

What are the benefits?

  • Replaces an entire paper process of ICs faxing the information over to DRR and DRR staff manually entering the information into the system, with the paper ARAs matched to mainly electronic applications.
  • Reduces the time it takes to administer the process.
  • Decreases paperwork since the system is electronic.

Who can use the ARA Module?

Referral Liaisons at the specific IC are responsible for submitting the ARA form. IMPAC II users can initiate an ARA form. Only DRR staff (full time staff and Referral Officers) can match ARAs to specific applications.