Assignment Change Request (ACR)

What is the purpose?

Grant applications submitted to a funding agency sometimes require a change in their original assignment after submission. Some common examples of required changes include changes in Institute/Center assignment, grant number, study section, council date, etc. These requests were previously submitted on paper, using the 901 form, and processed manually. The Assignment Change Request (ACR) system enables these changes to be initiated, routed and approved electronically instead of on paper. The ACR system is also used to withdraw, reinstate or delete a grant application.

What are the features?

The ACR system provides many features, including:

  • Initiating and submitting an electronic ACR form
  • Routing of the electronic ACR form along the chain of approval
  • Allowing for an electronic, customized workflow approval process
  • Email notifications; for instance, alerting a user to check the ACR system to view a change request that has been initiated.
  • When an application is deleted using the ACR system, a snapshot of data is retained with an audit of the approval.
  • Once an ACR is approved and completed, it is listed in the official electronic grant folder of that grant application.

What are the benefits?

  • Makes electronic a manual paper process, thereby saving time and creating a more efficient system
  • Provides agency staff with the ability to submit an ACR form electronically and route it through the proper approval channels
  • Allows for post-processing of data changes in the system
  • Allows for tracking and auditing the approval process via a workflow.

Who can use the ACR module? 

The module is restricted to authorized users in the receipt and referral, grants management, program and review departments, who have been granted specific user roles.