Committee Management Module (CMM)

What is the purpose?

The Committee Management Module (CMM) manages the critical administrative processes associated with setting up meetings for peer review, special emphasis panels, advisory councils, program advisory committees and board of scientific counselors. These processes include establishing committees, populating them with qualified members, creating meetings and issuing reports and notices, such as the Federal Register Notice — while following the rules of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA).

What are the features of the Committee Management Module?

  • Captures information on meetings such as dates, start times, and meeting location
  • A sampling of what users (depending on their privileges) can do in the system:
    • Administer meetings
    • Administer Committees
    • Determine a nominee's availability/eligibility for serving on a committee or attending a specific meeting
    • Add people to the committee's meeting roster
    • Process nominations/appointments and slates for the committee
    • Capture costs associated with a specific meeting
    • Generate meeting rosters and other reports
  • Allows for creation of a Federal Register Notice for upcoming meetings and forwards the notice to the Office of Federal Advisory Committee Policy (OFACP) for clearance and publication in the Federal Register. The notice, a way to inform the public, must be published in the Federal Register at least 15 calendar days in advance of the meeting.
  • Interacts with the various Scientific Review and Evaluation Awards (SREA) system, which transmits reviewer payment data to the Office of Financial Management's (OFM) that makes the payment to the reviewers. The payment information is transmitted back from OFM to CMM, where the Financial Operating Plan (FOP) report can be generated.
  • Facilitates the capture of financial data, both administrative and member costs, used to create financial operating plans (FOPs).
  • Collects information for determination of Continuous Submission eligibility of applicants/reviewers.


What are the benefits? 

  • Captures details of existing committees and tracks the affiliations of each committee/subcommittee
  • Provides information on the status of existing nominees or currently serving members, by committee or subcommittee
  • Allows for searches to identify potential reviewers and determine their eligibility to serve on a committee.  Staff can view information on an individual's previous and/or current committee service
  • Assists with preparation of documents required for the nomination slate package of potential reviewers that is submitted to the institute’s approving officers
  • Allows for electronic tracking of the approval process for nomination slates
  • Provides key information about a review meeting at a glance through the Meeting Dashboard, which shows the list of applications, agenda, roster, meeting location and expenses
  • Facilitates administration for Special Government Employees who serve as committee nominees/members and meeting attendees
  • Creates meetings records, rosters, and captures agenda details used for NAC subcommittee meetings with parent meetings
  • Facilitates the generation of required Federal Register Notices
  • Transmits information and data electronically to the GSA Committee Management Secretariat's FACA database. This transfer of data saves staff the time it would have taken to again enter member and meeting information
  • Collects information for determination of Continuous Submission eligibility for applicants/reviewers


Who can use CMM?

CMM is limited to authorized users, as listed below. A user name and password are needed to log in.

  • Institute or Center's (IC) committee management officer (CMO)
  • Scientific review officers (SROs)
  • Extramural support assistants (ESAs)
  • Scientific review and evaluation award (SREA) administrators
  • Director/Analysts in the Office of Federal Advisory Committee Policy (OFACP)