Institution Profile (Internal)

What is the purpose?

The Institution Profile File (IPF) is a module used to maintain institutional profiles of organizations involved in research projects that are external to NIH. Following the creation of an Institutional account in eRA Commons, the IPF is populated with the organizational information from registration and assigned a unique IPF number, which officially identifies and associates institutional information within the NIH-wide database.

What are the features?

Users have the ability to perform a variety of functions in IPF:

  • Query external organizations, departments, and applications.
  • Create and modify affiliations with external organizations.
  • Access, query, and modify information in the Grant Coding tab.
  • Retrieve information about an external organization and assign the grant applications.

What are the benefits?

The IPF allows users to easily access organizational information. The module also allows users to officially identify and associate institutional information within the NIH-wide database.

Who can use the Institutional Profile?

User groups may include agency staff and staff within the NIH Office of Data Quality and Office of Research Integrity.