Contract and IAA Management System (CIMS)

What is the purpose?

The Contract and IAA Management System (CIMS) is used for the mandatory reporting of data related to Research & Development (R&D) extramural contracts and Inter/Intra-Agency Agreements (IAA) not stored in IMPACII. Data is retrieved from existing NIH contract related systems such as NBS, nVision/Data Warehouse, and DCIS. To access CIMS, users log into the Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) module and select the CIMS (1688) tab. Users must have an IMPACII account, as well as RCDC and CIMS user roles.

What are the features?

CIMS allows users to:

  • Update, add, and delete contract information on the Contract Information screen if the IC is the administrative, parent, or funding IC for a particular contract.
  • View information (without editing capability) for contracts not assigned to the IC from the Contract Information screen.
  • View RCDC categories for a contract project.
  • Filter the contract listings on the Manage Contracts screen to view the desired contracts.
  • Provide the ability to create, save, and delete contract filters.
  • View all the IC codes through the IC Details windows.
  • Add, remove, or rearrange columns in the contract listing on the Manage Contracts screen and the contract project listing on the Contract Information screen.
  • Export data to Excel or XML using three different export options from the Manage Contracts screen.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides quick access to R&D extramural contracts and IAAs that are not available in IMPACII.
  • Improves reporting capabilities that are required by NIH for extramural contract and IAA funding.

Who can use CIMS?

  • Contracting Officers (CO)
  • Contracting Project Officers (CPO) and their designees