Code Request Information System (CRIMS)

What is the purpose?

The Code Request Information System (CRIMS) allows authorized NIH staff at Institutes and Centers  to search for and request an activity code, the 3-character code used to identify funding mechanisms (e.g., F32, K08, P01, R01, T32), as well as a PHS organizational code. The system also notifies appropriate staff at the Office of Extramural Research (OER) and the Office for Policy for Extramural Research Administration (OPERA) when a request for new activity codes has been submitted and notifies IC staff of the status of their requests.

What are the features?

CRIMS allows users to search for and request both activity codes and PHS organizational codes within the same system.

  • Allows users to search for data on a particular activity code or PHS organizational code.
  • Provides the ability to request new activity codes and PHS organizational codes and request changes to established codes.
  • Offers information on multiple options, including:
    • Activity Code Basic Data
    • Object Class Codes
    • Award Authorities
    • Activity Budget Accounts
    • Activity Rules
  • Allows users to request a new activity code or make a change from the dashboard.
  • Allows users to download the results to Excel.
  • Generates email notifications for: 1) the requester and the various reviewers within OPERA and OEP; and 2) Listserv notifications when a request is submitted, canceled, approved, denied, or confirmed.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows easy access to create new activity codes and PHS organizational codes, while using the same system to get the necessary reviews by OPERA and the Office of Extramural Programs (OEP).
  • Provides query capability to improve managing, reporting and exporting data output.
  • Provides online help and online look-up capabilities directly on the screen.

Who can use CRIMS?

  • Users with specific CRIMS user roles including reviewers, editors, and administrators. Also used by OPERA and OEP staff with appropriate CRIMS review roles.