eRA systems check all electronic grant applications against application guide instructions and instructions found in the notice of funding opportunities (NOFOs). These system checks are called validations. When an application fails to pass a validation (i.e., is found to be non-compliant with the instructions found in the application guide and the NOFO), the eRA systems generate errors and/or warnings. Applications with errors are stopped from submission and applicants are required to correct those errors and resubmit the application via to the funding agency by the due date and time. Warnings generated for an application will not prevent the submission of the application to the agency.

This is where eRA’s validation service comes in very handy. The Submission Validation Service (SVS) allows for checking of agency specific business rules prior to submission and substantially reduces errors before application submission. The service allows for pre-submission validation checks of single and multi-project applications.

Applicants who use eRA’s ASSIST module can prepare, submit, and track their grant applications within the module. They can also take advantage of ASSIST’s built-in feature to check for errors and warnings against many of NIH and’s business rules before application submission.