Service Desk

service desk

The eRA Service Desk offers frontline support to eRA system users, whether it is navigating the system or solving a particular issue. The Service Desk handles over 100,000 requests a year.

For new agencies coming on board to use eRA systems, Service Desk liaisons are part of the training team that helps agency users get up to speed on eRA modules.

Once agency users are acclimated with eRA, the Service Desk provides regular ongoing support.


  • Available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time (excluding federal holidays)

Avenues for Seeking Help

Providing End-User Support and Resolution

  • Service Desk team members are trained to support all modules; continuous training is provided to keep team members up to date on the latest additions/changes to the system
    • Assist callers by troubleshooting their issues
    • Provide necessary guidance and available resources
  • Liaisons/Subject matter experts work closely with system owners and eRA’s Partner Engagement Team (PET) to quickly identify system issues and provide resolutions

Managing Accounts

  • The Service Desk helps with creating and managing user accounts

Ensuring Data Quality

  • The Service Desk Quality Assurance (SDQA) team manages data update requests for eRA and helps to ensure the integrity of NIH’s and partner agencies’ data