Indirect Cost Negotiations

The indirect Cost Negotiations section of the Institution Profile lets you view your organization's Negotiator and Last Negotiation Date.

IMPORTANT: Only signing official (SO) users can see the Policy Documents screen and edit Institution Profile screens.

Viewing Indirect Cost Negotiations

You can view the information in the Indirect Cost Negotiations section of the profile by clicking its header title.

ClosedThe information displays as read-only:

  • Negotiator Name
  • Last Negotiation Date

Partial screen image highlighting the Indirect Cost Negotiation component in View mode

Editing Indirect Cost Negotiations

If you hold the SO role within an organization, you can edit the two fields in the Indirect Cost Negotiations sectionof the Institution Profile.

Click the Edit at the top of the screen to display all editable fields available in all sections. The following fields are available for editing in Indirect Cost Negotiations:

  • Negotiator Name

    Enter the name of the agent who negotiated the most recent indirect cost agreement.

  • Last Negotiation Date

    Enter the date of the most recent indirect cost agreement negotiation (format must be MM/DD/YYYY).

When you are done, click the Save All button at the top of the screen to save the changes. The Save All button saves the changes made in all sections. For information on errors, see How Are Data Errors Indicated?

If you do not wish to save your changes, click the Discard Changes button instead.

Remember: Hiding a section is not the same as saving the section!