Navigating the Institution Profile

If you have one of the following Commons roles, you have access to the Institution Profile: AA, AO, ASST, BO, FSR, PI, POSTDOC, SCIENTIST, SPONSOR, or SO.

IMPORTANT: Only signing official (SO) users can see the Policy Documents screen and edit Institution Profile screens.

The Institution Profile consists of three main tabs:

Institution Basic Information

Institutional Assurances and Certifications

Policy Documents (SO only)

The first two tabs are viewable for all who have access to the Institutional Profile and editable to those with a signing official (SO) role. The Policy Documents tab is visible only to those with a SO role. This topic discusses how to navigate around these sections of the Institution Profile. Details of each section are discussed in separate topics. See the related topic list at the bottom of this screen for links to those topics.

The dashboard appears on all views of the profile, providing general information about the profile. See Institution Profile Dashboard.