Who Can Access the FCOI Module?

NIH extramural grantee institutions, OPDIVs, grantees and the public are the primary users of Commons. Access to Commons is granted only by authorized Commons users who are assigned to a specific role(s) that allows for user account creation. The following diagram displays an example of how different user roles function within the Commons system.

In order to access the FCOI module, you must have hold one of the following roles:

Signing Official (SO role)

A Signing Official (SO) within an institutional organization is authorized to assign FCOI roles to others within their organization. The SO has institutional authority to legally bind the institution in grants administration matters by providing signature approval on submissions. The SO monitors grant related activities with the grantee institution and may have a number of titles.

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI role)

This role should be assigned to the Commons user(s) in the institution who would manage the FCOI reporting process. This person or persons would be able to initiate, edit, submit, revise, view, and delete records and documents concerning FCOI.

Only the SO can assign the FCOI role.

Financial Conflict of Interest Assistant (FCOI_ASST) Role

Assign the FCOI_ASST role to those users in the institution who will assist in working on the FCOI reporting process. FCOI_ASST users can initiate, edit, view, search, and delete forms.

Only the SO can assign the FCOI_Asst role.

Financial Conflict of Interest Assistant (FCOI_View) Role

Assign the FCOI_View role to those users who need authority to search for and view FCOI information entered by the institution in the FCOI module, but who will not perform any data entry or make changes to the information. These users have read-only access to FCOI report data.

Only the SO can assign the FCOI_View role.