Submitting FCOI Report to Agency

The FCOI Submit function is part of the Commons system that allows an SO with an FCOI role to submit an identified FCOI Report to the agency. Only those with FCOI roles may submit the report.

The report can be submitted at the time it was initiated or a later time if the report was saved and is in a status of Work in Progress.

Submitting the Report While Initiating

To submit an FCOI report while initiating it:

  1. After logging into Commons, navigate to the FCOI module.
  2. After completing the Initiate FCOI Report process for the FCOI Report or editing a WIP notification, click the Save and Submit button.
  3. Optional: On the next screen, enter comments in the Comments text box and click the Continue button.

Commons updates the status of the report to Submitted. Email notifications are sent to the SO who submitted the report and to the agency to indicate that the FCOI Report is submitted.

Once the FCOI is submitted, the record is searchable with the status Submitted.

NOTE: If an FCOI Report has been submitted incorrectly (e.g., an incorrect Grant Number, Name of Investigator with a Conflict, or Subrecipient Name), contact the Grant Manager identified on the Notice of Award to ask the agency to rescind the FCOI report. Other corrections to an FCOI Report can be made by contacting the agency and asking the agency to send the grantee a Request for Additional Information. This will change the status of the report to a Return to WIP status to allow the grantee to make corrections to other FCOI report data that is below the validation line.

Refer to Initiating an FCOI Report for more information and steps for initiating the report.

Editing the FCOI Before Submission

Commons users with FCOI or FCOI_ASST roles can perform edits on saved FCOI reports in Work in Progress status. During editing, the report can also be submitted if the user holds the FCOI role.

To edit the FCOI Report and submit it:

  1. After logging into Commons, navigate to the FCOI module.
  2. From the FCOI Search screen, perform a search for the FCOI Report. Refer to Searching Existing FCOI Reports (Notifications)
  3. From the three-dot ellipsis menu for a record, select the Edit option for an FCOI Report.

    The Financial Conflict of Interest – Initiate New Report screen displays for editing. The fields are enabled for editing, with information pulled from the previously submitted FCOI form.

  4. Update the fields as appropriate and click the Save and Submit button to submit the FCOI Report to the awarding agency or click the Save button to save the information without submitting the FCOI Report.

NOTE: Only Commons users with an FCOI role can perform the Save and Submit.