Agency Requests for Additional Information

The Agency Chief Grants Management Officer or designee is able to request additional information from the submitting institution when necessary. This action generates a notification of the request to the institution and changes the status of the FCOI record to Returned to WIP.

Commons users with access to FCOI can open the report to submit the additional documentation.

To edit the FCOI Report in response to a Request for More Information:

  1. After logging into Commons, navigate to the FCOI module, which opens the FCOI Search screen.
  2. From the Application Search screen, perform a search for the appropriate FCOI report.
  3. Click the Edit link under the three-dot ellipsis menu for the specific FCOI report.

    The Financial Conflict of Interest – Initiate New Report screen displays. When editing an FCOI report to provide requested additional information or to make a correction to previously submitted data, keep in mind the following:

    • Additional documentation may be added as attachments, but existing attachments cannot be deleted
    • Any enabled fields may be updated
    • The Delete button for deleting the FCOI is disabled; the FCOI Report cannot be deleted

    Refer to Initiating an FCOI Report for more information about the fields on the report and sample figures.

  4. Click the Save button to save the information and keep the FCOI Report as a WIP


    Click the Save and Submit button to submit the FCOI Report to the agency.

    NOTE: Only Commons users with an FCOI role may use the Save and Submit feature. ASST users with FCOI authority cannot submit the report.

    When you click the Save and Submit button, a comments screen displays for entering comments before submission. These comments are required when an FCOI Report is submitted after being returned for more information.

    The comments entered on this screen are recorded within the FCOI History. In addition, the comments are added to the email notification sent to agency.

  5. Enter the appropriate comments in the Comments text box (up to 2000 characters) and select the Continue button.

Upon saving and submitting, the system sends out an email notification informing the FCOI user that the FCOI Report was submitted.