Viewing the RPPR in Commons

The RPPR, in PDF format, is accessible in Commons within the Status Information screen. To view the RPPR, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Status module in eRA Commons.
  2. ClosedClick the link for List of Applications/Grants.

    Status tab and List of Appls link

  3.  ClosedFrom the Status Result – List of Applications/Grants screen, select the link for the specific Application ID.

    Application ID link

    ClosedThe Status Information screen displays with the Other Relevant Documents section in the top right corner.

  4.  The progress reports for incrementally-funded and multi-year funded awards are displayed differently in Other Relevant Documents.
    1. For an incrementally-funded RPPR: Click the e-Application link from the Other Relevant Documents section of the Status Information screen.

    eApplication link

    1. For multi-year funded awards: Click the appropriate year's link in the Other Relevant Documents section. Links will appear as follows: RPPR Year <X> <MM/DD/YYYY> .
    2. Sample RPPR Year 1 <date> link

The PDF version of the RPPR opens in a separate window.

NOTE: The submitted RPPR can also be accessed from the RPPR Menu screen. The View RPPR As PDF option under the three-dot ellipsis icon opens the PDF version of the RPPR.