Manage RPPR Screen

The Manage RPPR screen is the portal into all RPPR functionality. The screen appears when you select RPPR from eRA Common navigation. If you are a PI, the screen shows your Not Started or in-progress RPPRs. If you are an SO, search criteria lets you search for RPPRs from your organization.

For instructions on how to use the Awarding Office/IC button to limit searches to specific grantor organizations, see Searching for Awards by Awarding Office/IC (Search Criteria).

To process your RPPR, click the grant number link in the Award Number column, which opens the RPPR Menu screen, from which you can access all features including initiating, editing, routing, etc.

Also see Accessing a Single-Project RPPR for Editing or Accessing a Multi-Project or Single-Project with Complicated Structure for Editing.

You can edit an RPPR only if you are the current reviewer. The PI who initiated the RPPR is automatically the current reviewer. When the RPPR is routed to someone else, that person becomes the current reviewer and can edit. See Routing the RPPR.

Agency-Specific Instructions: Department of Commerce. Awards do not appear on the Manage RPPR screen for DOC awardees. DOC awardees should initiate or access existing RPPRs from the Status module; see Accessing a Work-in-Progress DOC RPPR.

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Sample Manage RPPR screen