How Do I Fill Out the RPPR Forms?

Field-by-field guidance is available for completing the NIH, AHRQ, and VA Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs). Refer to the NIH and Other PHS Agency RPPR Instruction Guide ( for completing Sections A-I of the RPPR. This guide does not apply to Department of Commerce (DOC) awards.

Please refer to the following sections of the PDF RPPR Instruction Guide (linked above) when completing your report:

  • Cover Page - See "Section A – Cover Page"
  • Accomplishments - See "Section B – Accomplishments"
  • Products - See "Section C – Products"
  • Participants - See "Section D – Participants"
  • Impact - See "Section E – Impact"
  • Changes - See "Section F – Changes"
  • Special Reporting Requirements - See "Section G – Special Reporting Requirements"
  • Budget - See "Section H – Budget"
  • Outcomes - See "Section I – Outcomes"

Agency-Specific Instructions: Department of Commerce awards: The Section J. Misc. Documents RPPR form is for Department of Commerce only and does not appear for awards from other agencies. Section J is NOT documented in the NIH and Other PHS Agency RPPR Instruction Guide. See J. Misc. Documentsor the Department of Commerce Grant Enterprise Managment Solution site.

NOTE: PDF uploads for all RPPR sections are required to be a flattened PDF. A flattened PDF is one that does not have fillable forms or other layers, such as movable images. The easiest way to flatten a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader is to print the document, but choose the “Print to PDF” option in the Print dialog, and save to a new file name when prompted. If you attempt to upload and save a file that is not a flattened PDF, you see this error message, "Error Uploading PDF. Please ensure all files are flattened. ....".