Closeout—Final Progress Report (FPR)

Some agencies (SAMHSA, DOC) have a type of report called a Final Progress Report (FPR). Final Progress Reports are for non-research awards.

NOTE: The Final Progress Report (FPR) should not be confused with the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), which is a different reporting mechanism altogether, designed for research awards. If you need to submit an RPPR, or if you see actions on your award listed as RPPR or Process Final RPPR, then see Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Module instead of this topic.

NOTE: Only a user with the Commons SO role can submit the report; the PD/PI can upload, preview, delete and save the closeout report submission package, but cannot complete the final step to submit.

If your closeout requires a Final Progress Report, then both the PI and the SO see an Initiate Final Progress Report button on the Closeout Status screen for an award. Either the PI or the SO can click the button and add a file or files, and both can then click Save to save the document in the eRA system. In addition, the SO can click Submit to submit the document to the agency.

This report should be prepared in accordance with instructions provided by the awarding agency.

Initiating Final Progress Report (FPR)

Either the PI or SO can initiate the Final Progress Report and save a file attached to the FPR request, but only an SO can submit.

  1. Log in to eRA Commons as an SO or a PI and access the Closeout Status screen. To access the Closeout Status screen, see Accessing the Closeout Screen (SO and PI).

  2. Click the Initiate Final Progress Report button in Closeout Status.

Closeout Status screen showing Initiate Final Progress Report button outlined

  1. On the next screen, shown below, add one or more files by clicking the Upload button.


Closeout - Final Progress Report upload screen

After you upload a file, it has a View and Delete button next to it.

  1. Click View to download the file or the Delete button to remove it. Once a file is submitted by the SO, it cannot be removed.

  1. If you change your mind about this FPR submission, and you want to discard it, click the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. To save this FPR submission package but not submit to the agency, click the Save button.

  1. To finalize this FPR submission package and submit it for agency review, click the Submit button (SO only).

Viewing Prior Submissions or Resubmitting the Final Progress Report After Initial Submission

Once the SO submits the FPR, users can continue to initiate and submit new iterations of the FPR. Either a PI or SO can click the Initiate Final Progress Report button again and upload additional files. The FPR files that you upload after previous submissions are appended to the previous submissions. Prior submitted files cannot be removed by initiating a new iteration of the FPR.

To view what has been submitted so far, click the View Prior Submission button. This downloads a ZIP file from the browser using browser download settings. When the ZIP file is extracted, you see all files that have been submitted so far, plus a SUBMISSION SUMMARY that lists all the submitted files and details such as time, submitter, and file name.

Closeout Status screen showing View Prior Submission button, which appears after a file has already been submitted to the awarding agency

Editing Final Progress Report (Prior to Submission)

If you or another user initiated the FPR at a prior date, and uploaded a file and saved the report, then the file is saved in the eRA system, but is not yet submitted for agency review. If an FPR is saved, the next user to go to closeout for the award sees an Edit button for the FPR on the Closeout Status screen. A PI or SO can click Edit and add additional files, remove files, and save again. If the user is an SO, the SO can also submit to the agency by clicking the Submit button.

Follow the same instructions in Initiating Final Progress Report (FPR) above to add or remove files.

Closeout Status screen showing Edit button for FPR and Provide Documentation button for Additional Closeout Documentation

Upon review of the Final Progress Report, the Program Officer (PO) may determine that additional information is needed from the grantee institution and will make a request for this information. This is referred to as a Final Progress Report Additional Material (FRAM) request. In this event, a FRAM Update link will appear in the Action column providing a means for submitting the additional material. Refer to the topic titled Refer to Closeout—Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM) for information and the steps for completing this request.