Closeout Status

PolicyCloseout policy information

Closeout is a status in which a grantee can electronically file the information necessary to complete grant closeout requirements. You can use the Status module to search for awards in various stages of Closeout and then submit required documentation or otherwise complete the closeout activities.

NIH closes out grants as soon as possible after expiration of a grant that is not to be extended or after termination of a grant. Closeout includes timely submission of all required reports and adjustments for amounts due the grantee or NIH. Closeout of a grant does not automatically cancel any requirements for property accountability, record retention, or financial accountability. Following Closeout, the grantee remains obligated to return funds due, because of later refunds, corrections, or other transactions, and the Federal Government may recover amounts based on the results of an audit covering any part of the period of grant support.

If you hold a signing official (SO), principal investigator (PI), or federal financial report (FSR) role, you can access the Closeout Status screen to perform the following:

  • Track your grants that are in Closed status
  • Submit reports required for closeout
  • Submit any requested additional material (FRAM) related to your Final Research Performance Progress Report (Final RPPR)
  • Access the Federal Financial Report (FFR) module of Commons to initiate and submit Federal Financial Reports (you must hold an FSR role)