Status Information

Status Information is a collection of grant information and links to grant-related documents stored in one place. Status Information is accessed by clicking the Application Number (link) from any result screen in the Status module.

ClosedClick here for a sample image of the screen.

Sample of Status Information screen

The screen displays the following sections of information:

ClosedContactsNames, phone numbers, and email addresses for grant-related contacts. Contacts appears in the upper left.

The Name, Phone, and Email displays for the following contacts:

  • Scientific Review Officer (SRO*)
  • Grants Management Specialist (GMS)
  • Program Official (PO)


ClosedLatest Update: Displays the latest changes affecting the application.

Latest Update section

ClosedeRA Service Desk: This section contains the contact information and operating hours for the Service Desk. The Service Desk can address most technical, functional, and account-related questions.

eRA Service Desk contact information section

ClosedScreen Tools: Under the title of the screen (Status Information) is a row that contains tools to manage the screen content.

screen management tools

  • Filter provides a text field that is used to search for specific content on the screen. This tool does not search the previously listed sections on the left of the page (Contacts, Latest Update, or eRA Service Desk)
  • Expand All and Collapse All affects each of the sections under the screen title except the application information section. Expand All opens all of the remaining sections to show all of the contents of that section. Collapse All hides the content of those sections and only show the title of the section. This applies to;
    • Status
    • Other Relevant Documents
    • Additions for Review
    • Institute/Center Assignment
    • Status History
    • Awards
    • Reference Letters

      NOTE: Individual sections may be expanded or collapsed individually.

  • Print initiates a print of all of the content of the screen in a print-friendly format. The content in collapsible sections will print regardless of whether or not the sections are expanded or collapsed.

ClosedApplication Information: At the top of the screen, under the screen tools, is a section which contains the following application information:

Application Information

ClosedStatus: Includes basic information describing the current disposition of the application using the following data points:

  • Current Status of the Application. For a list of possible application statuses, see
  • Last Status Update Date
  • PI Name
  • Institution Name
  • NIH Appl. ID
  • School Name
  • School Category
  • Division Name
  • Department Name
  • Proposal Receipt Date
  • Proposal Title
  • Project Period Begin Date
  • Project Period End Date
  • Current Award Notice Date
  • Application Source
  • eApplication Status
  • FOA
  • Status section of Status Information screen

    NOTE: In the Proposal Title field, NFP (no further processing) is added to the application title to indicate that the application will not be referred for review.

ClosedOther Relevant Documents: Includes links to grant-related documents.

The following links may be available within Other Relevant Documents depending on the application/grant:

  • Abstract
  • Administrative Supplement(s)
  • Appendix 1 – 10 Submitted File Name
  • Closeout Final Report Additional Material Request (FRAM)
  • Component Appendices
  • e-Application
  • Final Invention Statement
  • Final Research Performance Progress Report (Final RPPR)
  • Fellowship Proposal Face Page
  • FRAM Submission
  • Institute/Center Progress Report Additional Material Request
  • Just in Time
  • Notices of Grant Award
  • Multi Year Progress Report(s)
  • Notices of Grant Award (PDF)
  • Progress Report Face Page
  • Progress Report Additional Material (PRAM)
  • Relinquishing Statement(s)
  • Research Performance Progress Report
  • Summary Statement
  • Unfunded Progress Report
  • xTrain Training Appointment(s)
  • xTrain Termination Notice(s)

Other Relevant Documents section

ClosedAdditions for Review: Contains supplemental documents/files that were provided to the SRO to further support the application and/or individual sections.

Additions for Review section

ClosedReview: This section contains the following subsections and content:

  • Application:
    • Award Document Number
    • FSR Accepted Code
    • Snap Indicator Code
    • Impact Score (PI only)
    • Percentile (PI only)
    • Early Stage Investigator Eligible
    • New Investigator Eligible
    • Eligible for FFATA Reporting
  • Study Section
    • Scientific Review Group
    • Council Meeting Date
    • Meeting Date
    • Meeting Time
    • Study Roster: If available, a View Meeting Roster link opens a PDF of the meeting roster for the meeting who reviewed this application.
  • Advisory Council
    • Meeting Date
    • Meeting Time

Review section

ClosedInstitute/Center Assignment: Displays the assignment history for the application.

The following information is displayed within Institute or Center Assignment:

  • Institute or Center
  • Assignment Date
  • Institute/Center Assignment section

ClosedStatus HistoryProvides a history of the life of the application from submitted to awarded.

The following is displayed within Status History:

  • Effect Date
  • Status Message

    Sample of Status History section

ClosedAwards: Details on awarded dollar amounts.

The following award dollar information is available:

  • Direct Amount
  • Facilities and Administrative
  • Fee Amount
  • Total Amount


ClosedReference Letter(s)A list of submitted references letters.

If there are associated reference letters, the following information is available.

  • Referee Name
  • Organization Affiliation
  • Department
  • Email
  • Submitted

    Reference Letter(s) section

PIs can also view reference letter information in the Reference Letter section of their Personal Profile. Refer to Reference Letters.

Award Terms. Optionally, an Award Terms section might appear.

Status Information screen with Award Terms

If you click Term Tracker, you see the View Terms Tracking Details screen; see Viewing Award Terms Tracking from Status Module.

TIP: *Other Transaction Authority (OTA) - Some screens and terminology may be different in order to accommodate review of OTA, a type of award that is neither a grant nor a contract but a different way of funding that is being used across NIH. These changes will typically not be visible to NIH or agency reviewers.